I’m Holly. I’ve always loved food, and making things. Anything that involved getting my hands dirty and creating something new. Sometimes you know exactly what you want to create. Other times is the act itself that is more important, and you have no idea what will come out of it. Creativity.

I love to capture things as they are, not posed or staged, and trying the get the best out of real life. Details, actions, moments.

I have a background in video production. Every aspect from planning, casting and pre-production, to shooting and storytelling. Actually it all started with editing. The balance between technical and creative. Like a great puzzle or mystery to make sense of. All the pieces are there, but the options for arrangement are infinite. And cookery can be precisely the same, except with cookery we create recipes so that someone else can follow along to create the same thing. I love cookbooks – I have a few laying around!

If you have a creative project you would like to discuss, I’d love to hear from you.