Bringing Kolkata to Whitstable


Raastawala Supperclub at The New Inn

Whitstable, famed for it’s oysters, beach huts and quintessentially english dolls house shops and restaurants might seem an unlikely place to have an authentic Bengali dining experience. Raastawala, having set up business in 2015, and living close by at the time did exactly that at the New Inn on Woodlawn Street.

“My romance for food is eternal but it grew stronger while I was in India and spent a few years in the city of Kolkata. As I began and ended each day in the yellow taxi, I tasted all kinds of foods, starting from street food to the cuisines cooked at the finest restaurants, and I realised that love for food is what makes people connect and happy! “

Rinku Dutt

When Rinku asked me to come and photograph the supperclub she was having at the New Inn in Whitstable I was only too happy to oblige. It was impressive to see how they transformed the space, and the community of the shared dining experience was really special. They transported their guests from East Kent to exotic Southern Asia with all the senses.


I first met the lovely people behind Raastawala when my brother in law forwarded me an advert they had posted on Facebook looking for help on their street food stall for their Kent events.

Here I am on the right, with the Raastawala team at the Canterbury food and Drink Festival in 2016. Customers were queueing for 30 mins for Kati Rolls!!!

I was in the process of moving out of London and down to the Kent coast at the time, and also thinking about setting up my own street food business, if only I could decide what to make and sell. I did a few events with them throughout Kent, and also some photography and video projects along the way.


Bengali Babu Supperclub Menu:


Starter: Jhal Muri spiced puff rice

Mains: Bengali mustard spiced salmon

Desert: Gajar Ka Hawla carrot cake with kulfi


Rinku, Neelan and Ron are the lovely people behind Raastawala. A team of food lovers who are passionate about bringing the vibrancy of Indian street food to England.


You can connect with them on facebook or instagram, or go and find them at a street market and try their legendary Kati Roll!

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